Tips for Google’s Mobile First Index-ready WordPress site

WordPress is the most desirable CMS of all times and thank sto the amazing SEO features it has and the crawlability of the website on the search engines.

Let’s talk about Google’s Mobile First Index:

Back in November 2016, Google announced that it would improve upon the ranking system of the websites and the algorithms it follow. It was targeted to enhance the search ability on the smartphones. That decision paved way for the Google Mobile First Index. It is a weighty issue when you hire a company for WordPress website development and expect success in business.

Tips for Google_s Mobile First Index-ready WordPress site

Google has itself realized that their current ranking system doesn’t adhere to the smartphone searches. In a more easier manner, we can say that Google algorithm for search was not system-friendly for smartphones.

How does Google’s Mobile First Index work?

The algorithm through which the websites are currently ranked in the Google search engine pages, is according to the website’s desktop version which is off course not sufficient if we talk about the mobile pages. This is done so that the people are shown the most relevant information and never feel unsatisfied with the results. It would now show the results according to the mobile site compatibility in the result page when a user searches for a specific term on Google. This is done in accordance with the structured data and show results in the form of snippets.

Surefire ways to Buck up your WordPress Website development from Mobile-first Perspective:

If you are reading the tips afterwards this very sentence…you should first make sure that your website is mobile-responsive and not just limited to desktop. It is the first-ever requirement of making your website more known to the people.

Let’s have a look at the SEO pointers you will need to follow to reach maximum possible audience:

Basic SEO Pointers to pay heed in a WordPress website:

1. Content Optimization with proper keyword placement. Content is the king.
2. HTTP Requests be reduced and fixed broken links.
3. Image and Video Optimization are also the key SEO factors.

4. Website loading speed should also be optimized.

Points mentioned above doesn’t only contribute to the SEO but also enhances the User-Experience. It means that your website becomes the favorite of not only Google but also your users. Everyone loves speed!

1. Precise Contact Information definitely helps!

If we think from a local SEO perspective, it is vital to keep the contact info updated at all times. It includes your phone number, address and email address etc. It may be easy to ignore this perspective but one of the most important ones for lead generation.

2. Keeping Google Maps correct and updated:

To help Google search the best match and show your website in the top search results, make sure that your Google map is up-to-date and correct. This is important so that the local target audience are able to find you online easily.

3. Customer Reviews: Important in improving Google rank

With the coming of Google my business, one can estimate the importance of customer reviews on a WordPress website. You must get customer reviews and testimonials integrated into your website to make Google algorithm happy with your website.


With the increasing use of smartphones all around the world, it has become extremely essential for the websites to be able to be found easily on the search pages. Google’s Mobile First technology is one of the best ways to follow.

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I am Sophia, my forte is WordPress and my work exists at the intersection of web development and technology blogging.

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