Top 3 free CDN Plugins to optimize website speed

You may have read a ton of articles on internet about web optimization or in simple words WordPress website optimization. There are many tips and tricks out there which can help you make your website faster in speed and performance. WordPress plugin development is on the rise because every website owner wants to increase the website performance and using plugins is a very important thing to reach the most customers in the least possible time and in the most optimized way.

The ultimate goal of every website is reaching maximum number of audience. The primary aim of every website should be to increase the user experience of the website so that the viewers can spend the maximum time on the website and leads can be generated from the website. This helps in increasing revenue from the website in the long-term.

Top 3 free CDN Plugins to optimize website speed

The user experience of the website should be so smooth and seamless that viewers can stick to your website. WordPress development company develops plugins that help rendering those features and functionalities to the website which are not default. These things make the website faster, dynamic and robust. Also, the workflow becomes more smooth.

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network which means that you need to have the services of a remote server which is the nearest server to your main server. For example: You have got Host Gator web hosting service and it is your main web hosting provider.

Sometimes, the load on your primary server gets too much because of the unexpected traffic that may exceed the bandwidth capacity of the server. To take the burden off the primary server, CDN comes in handy by taking the burden of the website users which browse the websites from across the world.

Choosing the best CDN service can get very confusing because of the many companies that provide CDN services:

  • If we start talking about the most famous and powerful services available for CDN, then we will list CloudFlare at the top of the companies providing CDN services for WordPress. It has some other features too, which are:

-Detailed information of the users who comment on your posts.

-Spammer detection on your blog post comments.

-Total Security of the website is ensured from hackers and abusers.

  • Are you looking for an absolutely free WordPress plugin that puts life into your website images? Then, Cloudinary is for you. An excellent option which allows you to upload all the images to the cloud. With the help of this plugin, you can considerably reduce the load on the server that is your web hosting service provider’s server. The benefit here is that you can optimize and backup your images with the help of this CDN plugin easily. Different filters and effects can be applied easily using this plugin.

  • The third CDN in our top 3 list is the WP CDN Rewrite which is also considered very popular among the list of CDNs for WordPress. You can provide custom URL helpful in CSS files, Javascript etc.

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