Top Reasons to Convert your HTML website into WordPress site?

HTML to WordPress

Earlier websites were used to build by static HTML code which now has changed as now most of the websites are developed by PSD to WordPress conversion process. Earlier in the HTML based websites the styles and scripts were coded with HTML frameworks which made the websites slower. As lots of same code was loaded for each web page hence it further was slowing down the speed of the website. In order to overcome this issue the developers came with innovative HTML to WordPress conversion technique. PSD to WordPress conversion also involves two steps i.e. first converting PSD to HTML and then converting HTML to WordPress.

If you convert HTML to WordPress site then it means you are converting a static website into dynamic website which offers so many benefits. Earlier WordPress was thought of just as a blogging platform but WordPress has evolved and proved that it can be used to create any type of website. WordPress offers many benefits when it is used for website development and here we are discussing about some of those benefits and the reasons to switch to WordPress platform.

WordPress is a PHP based Dynamic CMS

The earlier HTML websites were static having lots of pages and lots of lines of hard codes. Each of these pages on the site is one HTML file having same layout and design hence so much of the HTML code was repeated. When we talk about WordPress websites then these are easy to create, easy to update and easy to manage therefore most of the developers prefer it over the static HTML website design. WordPress was specially developed for publishing purpose with so many functions embedded in the platform which makes it fully dynamic content management system (CMS).

WordPress is easy to learn and Work

You can select a WordPress development company if you want a develop WordPress based website. WordPress is easy to learn and use as there is also extensive support of huge WordPress developer’s community 24*7. There are thousands of free plugins and themes available for WordPress which also makes it easy to use. These plugins and themes can be used to add extra features to your website easily. WordPress is based on PHP which is also easy to learn hence working with WordPress is quite easy and don’t need much technical knowledge. These were some of the reasons why the experts as well as the beginners prefer to use WordPress platform to build websites.

WordPress is SEO Friendly

WordPress has inbuilt features which makes it search engine optimization (SEO) friendly. These WordPress features offer the settings for posts, pages and categories in order to let crawlers easily crawl your website and give the required information. This helps search engines to include WordPress sites into their database. WordPress also offers many security features and also helps users to optimize their website as per SEO guidelines. WordPress ultimately helps you to get higher ranking for your website on search engines which is the main aim of creating any business website. You can also install more plugins for more search engine optimization (SEO) features.

Huge Community of Developers

WordPress is open source and has a huge community of developers which also help each others to resolve any issue anyone is facing while using WordPress. Continuous support from the developer community makes WordPress first choice for new users as it is east to learn and work on WordPress. The WordPress CMS developers from around the world also keep on contributing in upgrading WordPress to make it the best CMS.

WordPress is easy to Customize

WordPress is highly customizable. The WordPress developer who knows PHP can easily customize it as per the business requirements. Also the WordPress themes and plugins can be customized as per the requirements.


We have just discussed the top reasons why it is better to convert HTML websites into WordPress websites. Although there are some automated tools also available for HTML to WordPress conversion but the manual process to convert HTML into WordPress is the best process. In today’s competitive environment if you get a dynamic WordPress website then you can better compete in the market and grow your business.

Author: sophiaphill

I am Sophia, my forte is WordPress and my work exists at the intersection of web development and technology blogging.

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