5 Common CSS Mistakes You Must Avoid

The popularity of WordPress over the web sphere has revolutionized the way business websites are designed. The ease of usage which the CMS delivers to the webmasters make it a powerful tool to experiment with look and feel of a website. With CSS being a trending way of optimizing the appearance of a site, many developers often make numerous mistakes while writing the CSS.

Since the web browsers recognize these errors and create a clumsy appearance, WordPress theme customization should be performed cautiously. It is extremely important to remove the bugs and take care of the common mistakes at the earliest, since they may even bring down the entire website. The following is the list of 5 common mistakes that even professionals make.

Using Unwanted Code

Using the unnecessary or too many code structures or classes is one of the primary mistake made by WordPress designers when it comes to designing a site with CSS. Though every designer has certain preferences while writing the code, it is important to make sure that no unnecessary code structures are added to the primary syntax. Using long and redundant codes will give an unprofessional look to a website and also affect the user experience.

Ignoring Basic Rules for CSS

CSS is the trending way of crafting an alluring appearance for a business website. In order to make the most out of the CSS optimization, there are certain rules a designer must follow. These are necessary for styling the cascading sheets to obtain the desired results. For example, an ID should be recognized as an ID.

Wrong Placement of CSS Files

In order to ensure that you get the desired output, it is important that you place the CSS file in a certain order. Irregular placement of CSS files can damage the design aesthetics of the WordPress theme. The cascading style sheets are stored in style.css file which is saved in the selected theme folder. You can find all the files in the theme folder and markup code in the Index.php folder. Integration of PHP makes it possible to review the changes you have made in the style.css file.

Wrongly Spelt Words And Phrases

One of the most common errors made by WordPress developers and designers is the spelling mistakes. While a code is written in the style sheet, if the designer has mis-spelt a certain word, it will affect the desired output. For example, if a designer writes 10pc instead of 10px, the web page will display the errors and the designer will have to audit the entire code.

Working On The Wrong Module

CSS modules and templates make it easier for the designers to create retina optimized illustrations. These modules are quite handy when the WordPress developers make errors while modifying the CSS files. It is often seen that designers make the desired changes in the content-page.php file rather than the content.php file. So, the designers should be careful while they make any changes in the template module section.

Author: sophiaphill

I am Sophia, my forte is WordPress and my work exists at the intersection of web development and technology blogging.

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