7 jQuery plugins that are essential for HTML-based site

Vlogging is becoming popular day by day, and if you own such sites then these jQuery plugins will surely come in handy while embedding your videos on the site.

Web developers are increasingly using the jQuery to quickly transform the way HTML codes behave on the website. Embedding video files on the site serve as a great way of keeping visitors hooked. Moreover, with the help of these videos you can quickly bring your words to life and even visitors also love to surf those sites which offer interactive content.

If you own a WordPress based site and want to integrate videos then it will be good to opt for the WordPress plugin development offered by a skilled developer or web development company. In this article, you read about seven jQuery plugins that will help you bring video functionality into your site:

Video Lightbox

With Video Lightbox you can embed videos without remembering any sort of code. It works perfectly with both Windows and Mac. It allows users to merge videos from the popular sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Google Video, MySpace, Facebook etc. Along with that, you can also embed videos from your computer system as it comes with built-in FTP.


It is a cross-browser image and video viewer which you can quickly setup on your site. Just like Video Lightbox, this plugin can also embed videos from popular video sites. Moreover, it also supports two main photo portals such as Flickr and Picasa. With YoxView plugin you can create slideshows that can be compiled of both video & pictures.


This plugin lets you use the shortcode to embed videos on the site. In addition to videos, the users can also use a simple audio player. Just download it on your FTP site and then apply the right script to display video & audio. The best thing about JLEMBED is that it allow you to merge several videos as a playlist or multiple instances of the player.

CJ Image Video Previewer

With CJ Image Video Previewer your site visitors can preview your video thumbnails without clicking on the particular video. The neat thing about this plugin is that you have to look out for preview images that your site visitors will see by yourself. It automatically does it by just viewing the video link.


JQUERY.WEBCAM allows sites to read all the information from your visitors’ web cameras. For security reasons, it will first ask the visitors to allow the site to access your webcam. When you agree the site quickly displays the video coming from the web camera. This plugin takes help of the Flash software for the webcam display.


Just like all the others, CeeBox is a video player which embeds both video and images in the HTML-based site. To deploy this jQuery based plugin you need to first install the SWFObject jQuery plugin. Once you are done installing the plugin, now you have to code the scripts. All that you need is the video or image URL.


Vlogging is becoming popular day by day, and if you own such sites then these jQuery plugins will surely come in handy while embedding your videos on the site.

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