Why responsive design is crucial for modern day websites?

If you are into online business, then you’re probably quite tech savvy. But in this highly competitive market just having a site is not enough anymore. You need to keep coming up with innovative features which help in keeping the users hooked to your portal. To stay ahead of your market rival it will be good that you should come up with the mobile version of your business site so that you can quickly pitch customers available in the mobile sphere.

To make your web design mobile-friendly, you need to opt for responsive templates. In case you have customized portal then you need to convert PSD to Responsive WordPress theme or template. A responsive design allows the site to quickly adapt to the different screen size that too without dropping any functionality. With this, you will be able to run your sites on smartphones, tablets, netbooks etc.

The responsive web design will help you save lots of time, money and hassle, as a business. In the past couple of years, mobile internet usage has grown considerably. And today, if you wish to interact with the global audience, should have a mobile-friendly site. Given below are the five points which were drawn from the latest market research:

– 8 out of 10 smartphone or tablet users use their devices to make purchases online.
– 62% of sales conversions from a mobile search happen within an hour of searching.
– Mobile searches have created almost three times as many sales conversions for the same search done using the desktop or laptop.
– The average smartphone user spends over 2.5 hours a day on their phone.
– More than half the time spent on the internet is via mobile devices.

Even the world’s biggest search engine Google has also started taking notice of responsive designs. Moreover, web crawlers also find it easier to scan and index those sites which have responsive web design. These mobile-friendly sites have also boosted the sales conversion rates. The recently conducted study shows that 69% of tablet users have done shopping on their device within the last 30 days.

Another good thing about responsive sites is that they are easier to update as they work on single HTML codes & URL. Moreover, you can quickly make changes in the content through the content management system (CMS). Portals with the mobile-friendly theme can quickly adapt to user’s screen size and this will surely enhance the popularity & client appeal. Usually, the sites designed for mobile have different landing pages but with responsive design, you can integrate all these pages into one single code.

In this phase of the cut-throat competition, if you don’t have an adaptive site then you will never be able to steer past your rivals. Nowadays, you can quickly find a reliable developer who will provide you with a responsive site which will surely fulfil your needs and requirements. Before appointing someone you must cross-check his/her portfolio and past work. You should also have a brief discussion with the developer before sending your project.


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