How to design eStore for a small business setup?

Today if you own a small or medium size business then shifting to eStore will prove greatly profitable for your firm. Luckily nowadays there is wide range of platforms available on the web which assist in building fantastic online stores suitable for all business types. Among all the other CMS systems, WordPress is one such platform which is not only user-friendly but also efficient.

One thing that makes it stand apart are the WordPress theme customization services. Every WP based site is based on a theme which helps the web owners to display their products and content in a better manner. These themes also offer an easy navigation so that your customers don’t get lost while looking out for the desired product. With WordPress, you can easily create an excellent eCommerce store and can arrange cost-effective logistic operations.

To create exclusive designs for your eStore you need to opt for PSD conversion services which include both designing and integrating these web designs into the WP theme. To grab the visitors attention you need to come up with a beautifully designed site. The PSD conversion process also includes slicing the PSD and then converting it into HTML and CSS code.

Apart from WordPress website development, there are various other platforms which you can use to create your site. Given below are few CMS system that also eStore development:

BigCommerce – A feature-rich platform that offers a built-in Facebook store. Bigcommerce has recorded a good annual growth of merchants who own small and medium scale businesses. Though, the platform is not free and its pricing covers costs for hosting and maintenance. With back-end process handled by experts, you only need to focus on the design aspect of the site.

Magento – It offers specific solutions for SME’s in the form of Magento Go and Magento Community Edition. Well, the former one is the hosted solution that comes with a price tag and the latter is free to download but you need to take care of the things like development, hosting, and maintenance. Business owners can use anyone of them depending on their needs & budget. From the designing point of view, users can deploy various themes and can make their portal stand apart.

Joomla – This CMS system renders exclusive design services which must be considered by those who are looking forward to deploying a cheaper platform for their online store. Joomla offers intermediate safety, comes with low maintenance costs and easy customizability. Moreover, users can load powerful extensions, JooCommerce etc to create a functional online store, very easily.


The mentioned above eCommerce solutions have different advantages and disadvantages in terms of overall costs and features. But out of all, these WordPress is the best for creating a robust business site which will function as per your requirements. It will be good that you hire someone who has in-depth knowledge of WordPress development and provides you with a scalable portal at cost-effective prices.


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