Benefits of opting for WooCommerce Plugins

Web sites that have WooCommerce plugins always stay ahead compared to those who don’t have these plugins.

Since the online business has developed at a rapid pace, the demand for creative ideas and quality has continuously inclined to grip the business ideas. For every web developer who offers WP development services, it has become an essential point to consider the ease of customizing the themes and incorporating different features that help in developing the best user-interface for the visitors.

There are several CMS systems available on the web which can be used to establish an attractive eCommerce site. And out of all these, you can deploy WordPress for your eStore development project because it’s an open-source platform which you can quickly customize as per your needs & requirements. You can hire WordPress developer who will assist you in setting up your WP powered portal. Moreover, you can also install several plugins that will enhance the functionality of your eStore.

If you compare the Prestashop and WooCommerce, one of the major difference between these two is their compatibility to work with a Content Management System (CMS). The Prestashop does not require a CMS. Though, if you consider the stats, Prestashop has more downloads that the WooCommerce plugin. But interestingly WooCommerce reached 2.3 million downloads in just two years whereas Prestashop has 3.4 million downloads in seven years.

Given below are the few features of the WooCommerce development service:

– In WooCommerce development you need to know two things: it’s a shopping cart plugin and not an eStore development platform.

– Simply install this plugin on your existing WP theme and can you quickly convert your site into an eCommerce portal.

– WooCommerce plugin can be directly managed from the WP Admin Panel.

– With WooCommerce plugin you can add several essential features in your eStore which will not only make it more efficient but will also help you pump out more revenues.

While looking out for WordPress web development, you will come across several sources that determine WooCommerce plugin as an online platform used for developing eCommerce sites. It will be good that you don’t pay any attention to such sources. Portals like Magento, Drupal, and Shopify are some of the leading providers of the e-commerce solutions. But the only drawback of these platforms is that you have to purchase plugins and themes available in their stores.

Another good thing about WooCommerce is that it is also compatible with the iOS and Android mobile operating systems. The WooCommerce plugin is free to download and offers a host of services that will assist you in building a user-friendly online store. To install the WooCommerce plugin, your WP based site needs to be the correctly configured along with SSL and hosting package.


Web sites that have WooCommerce plugins always stay ahead compared to those who don’t have these plugins. Moreover, WordPress also offers several advantages which other platforms don’t provide. WP is easy to customize and is considered as the best platform which can be handled in a hassle-free manner.

Author: sophiaphill

I am Sophia, my forte is WordPress and my work exists at the intersection of web development and technology blogging.

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