Tips to improve your WordPress based website

Today WordPress is one of the most trusted CMS system available on the web sphere. As per the recent market survey, WordPress powers approx 40% of the websites that are live on the internet. The primary reason behind the rising popularity of this CMS is its themes, plugins, and several other customisation features that allow users to build the desired portal.

With the help of WordPress customization services, the website owners can give an appealing design to their portal that will be capable of fetching a good amount of web traffic. The best thing about WP is that even a non-techie can also use this CMS to create a fantastic portal. Given below are the valuable tips that will assist you in making your WP bases site more user-friendly and engaging.

Fast Loading Time

Out of 10 visitors, six will immediately leave, if your site is taking too long to open. The online users only wait for five to six seconds and then quickly forward to any other site which opens up in few seconds. So speeding up your website load time plays a crucial role in bringing more traffic towards your site. You can also take help of a WordPress website development company who will provide with an engaging portal. With below-mentioned five tips you will be able to enhance the site’s speed quickly:

– Optimize Uploaded Images
– Don’t Use Conflicting PluginsChoose the Right Hosting Plan
– Use A Responsive Theme
– Use  robust SEO Plugins
– Install A Caching Plugin

Another good thing you can do is to choose the top-rated SEO plugins for your site. With the help of these SEO plugins, you can improve your portal’s ranking on the various search engines. The WP directory is full of SEO plugins; still, it will be good that you stick to the popular ones as they are backed up the team of reliable developers. One of the most widely used and highly recommended plugin is the Yoast SEO. It will help your web content to be quickly indexed by the search engine bots and will rank your site among top searches.
Split Test Your Headlines

Another effective way of increasing your website traffic is by uploading only those headlines for a post that are efficient enough to draw more traffic. To accomplish this task, you can deploy the WP plugin “Title Spilt Testing”. It will not only boost the flow of incoming web traffic but will also assist you in creating better headlines.

Add catchy Content in The SERPs

Every website owners want his portal to be displayed among the top searches on the search engines. And the easiest way to do so is by writing an appealing & catchy headline on the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages). It will help the readers in finding out whether the content is according to their search or not. A correctly written headline in the SERP column will undoubtedly improve the engagement of your portal.


You can refer to these tips to improve the flow of incoming web traffic. Make sure you deploy right plugins & strategies so that you can reach the top ranking in the search engines.

Author: sophiaphill

I am Sophia, my forte is WordPress and my work exists at the intersection of web development and technology blogging.

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