Effective guide for PSD to WordPress conversion

In the current scenario, WordPress platform gives shelter to almost  22% of all the websites across the internet. It is due to its numerous advanced features and easy content management system.

So, here is quick guide that will help you to convert your PSD design to WordPress without any hassle.

PSD-to-WordPress theme

1. Working with the initial designing concept

Developing, professionally customized website, involves setting up of various unique designing patterns with the help of Photoshop tools. These Photoshop tools that are used for imaging purposes helps to create a professional website elements which are considered important.

2. Initial review of the designing concepts

While designing a WordPress website from PSD files, the initial design concepts should be carefully read as well be considered by decision makers of the company as well as by the clients. There are too many websites that commits the mistake of neglecting or disregarding various critical step needed to design highly professional websites to avoid any costly errors in the future.

According to the rules, any website should be developed with visually appealing graphics and usable elements to provide a great user experience from visitors’ viewpoint. These attributes are essential to keep in mind in designing styles for the website development by using Photoshop tool. There are various other characteristics of presenting professionally good and user-friendly website as defined by Social Media Today.

1. Websites should be mobile adaptable
2. Websites should be reachable to all the users
3. Websites should have well-planned information architectonics
4. Websites content should be easy to flash
5. Website should have fast loading duration
6. Website should have well consistency estimates with all the browsers
7. Website should have fair enough navigation system
8. Website  should have flexibility to find out a good error page
9. Website should have a good color patterns
10. Website should have properly designed appearances

3. Revision step as and when needed

Any secret to optimization and perfection is all about constant reviewing process of what is done, corrections or revising the elements when necessary for improvement. So the same principle applies while designing the website. Conducting a proper revision cycle for creating any PSD files is as necessary before taking any step related to designing process in future and converting them into WordPress.

4. Designing and change-over method to WordPress

This stage may seems like a daunting task from viewers point who virtually does not possess any idea of HTML/CSS coding skills, but they prefer to make use of PSD to WordPress conversion to make their task easier.

Refer: Why PSD to WordPress conversion is widely practiced

If we talk in generic terms, PSD to WordPress conversion defines the transfiguration process of any website aspects from PSD files into an HTML as well as CSS file format that will dramatically test the file inter-relation of a cover WordPress theme.

5. Adding more and more unique functionalities

After you have set-up your theme files and have properly tagged various advanced functionalities, your next step is to install WordPress files via your hosting resources. Installing  WordPress is very easy as well as straightforward. After the activating process of your WordPress theme, you are asked to add your preliminary contents to each of your page sections. Test each of your element to check if they appealing and are functioning well according to your intended designing process as well as plans.

6. Go live

This is the last step once everything is set in the desired place and each element is tested for their proper functionality process. Next, you are asked to populate the newly installed WordPress site with more appropriate and advanced content and then you can surely Go Live!

Wrapping up

If you’re planning to turn your design files into a fully-functional and responsive WordPress theme then, the above mentioned steps are the best that will help you in conversion process.

Author: sophiaphill

I am Sophia, my forte is WordPress and my work exists at the intersection of web development and technology blogging.

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