Tips for Google’s Mobile First Index-ready WordPress site

WordPress is the most desirable CMS of all times and thank sto the amazing SEO features it has and the crawlability of the website on the search engines.

Let’s talk about Google’s Mobile First Index:

Back in November 2016, Google announced that it would improve upon the ranking system of the websites and the algorithms it follow. It was targeted to enhance the search ability on the smartphones. That decision paved way for the Google Mobile First Index. It is a weighty issue when you hire a company for WordPress website development and expect success in business.

Tips for Google_s Mobile First Index-ready WordPress site

Google has itself realized that their current ranking system doesn’t adhere to the smartphone searches. In a more easier manner, we can say that Google algorithm for search was not system-friendly for smartphones.

How does Google’s Mobile First Index work?

The algorithm through which the websites are currently ranked in the Google search engine pages, is according to the website’s desktop version which is off course not sufficient if we talk about the mobile pages. This is done so that the people are shown the most relevant information and never feel unsatisfied with the results. It would now show the results according to the mobile site compatibility in the result page when a user searches for a specific term on Google. This is done in accordance with the structured data and show results in the form of snippets.

Surefire ways to Buck up your WordPress Website development from Mobile-first Perspective:

If you are reading the tips afterwards this very sentence…you should first make sure that your website is mobile-responsive and not just limited to desktop. It is the first-ever requirement of making your website more known to the people.

Let’s have a look at the SEO pointers you will need to follow to reach maximum possible audience:

Basic SEO Pointers to pay heed in a WordPress website:

1. Content Optimization with proper keyword placement. Content is the king.
2. HTTP Requests be reduced and fixed broken links.
3. Image and Video Optimization are also the key SEO factors.

4. Website loading speed should also be optimized.

Points mentioned above doesn’t only contribute to the SEO but also enhances the User-Experience. It means that your website becomes the favorite of not only Google but also your users. Everyone loves speed!

1. Precise Contact Information definitely helps!

If we think from a local SEO perspective, it is vital to keep the contact info updated at all times. It includes your phone number, address and email address etc. It may be easy to ignore this perspective but one of the most important ones for lead generation.

2. Keeping Google Maps correct and updated:

To help Google search the best match and show your website in the top search results, make sure that your Google map is up-to-date and correct. This is important so that the local target audience are able to find you online easily.

3. Customer Reviews: Important in improving Google rank

With the coming of Google my business, one can estimate the importance of customer reviews on a WordPress website. You must get customer reviews and testimonials integrated into your website to make Google algorithm happy with your website.


With the increasing use of smartphones all around the world, it has become extremely essential for the websites to be able to be found easily on the search pages. Google’s Mobile First technology is one of the best ways to follow.


“Value-driven Solutions” – WordPrax, PSD to WordPress Conversion services

WordPress- A driving force behind millions of websites being created across the globe is a sureshot favorite of myriad of web developers and designers. So, does WordPrax Ltd. cherry picked this very CMS to create client websites with utmost quality and passion.

It is obvious that WordPress has some unmatchable features that it powers 26% of the websites across the whole internet! It is a point of no argument that WordPress has literally taken over the web development industry at a very fast pace. WordPrax focuses on performance-oriented PSD to WordPress conversion services that are extremely professional.

Top-Notch Services that WordPrax Ltd. offers are:

  • WordPrax Ltd. is a PSD to WordPress conversion company providing value-driven solutions.
  • Hire WordPrax Ltd. for WordPress website development services that go par expectations.
  • Get customized plugins developed with WordPress plugin development services for your websites.
  • This web development company also renders theme customization services to their clients.

It is the sole aim of any PSD to WordPress development company to develop highly responsive and interactive websites for their worthy clientele. The process of converting PSD files to WordPress website should be smooth and flawless so that the outcome is as flawless as expected by the client.

Here are some of the generic steps involved in PSD to WordPress process of conversion:

1.Slicing the PSD files is the first step to getting WordPress website.
2.Index.html & Style.css need to be created further after the first step.
3.Index.html file would need to be converted now.
4.WordPress Tags play an important function in this process.
5.Top-notch Functionalities need to be embedded in the last step.

The above steps are executed by the developers at WordPrax Ltd. with much zeal and dexterity to address the minutest of requirements and cater to the varied needs of the diversified clients across the world. The aim is to add to the business value of the companies. The websites designed are pixel-perfect, high-quality and cross-compatible. Visual interface is the focus of the websites created by the team at this firm. Functionality and features are of equal measure thus adding to the perfection!

24*7 Technical and Customer Support:

The team of dedicated designers and developers is a staunch promise that has led WordPrax to gain hundreds of positive reviews by the clients of every niche. Minute details and diligent working on code is what makes a project come out at its best. International standards of code and testing procedures of the websites are the core factors leading to the success of any business.

You will be able to cut down at least 55% of the cost on getting your requirements fulfilled by this leading WordPress development company and that too with no compromises on quality and performance-oriented outputs.

WordPrax Ltd. is determined to provide unwavering, hassle-free and high-quality WordPress solutions to their global clientele. Contact them now to get a cost-effective price quotation for any of your projects.

How Website Maintenance Companies can help you?

In this digital age, websites have become important for any business which want to flourish online. But for a website to succeed its performance has become an important factor in the market and every business or brand wants that their website gets most attention. Lately, business websites have become the main source of brand advertisement and therefore it is very important to have a highly performing website for your brand. WordPress is the leading CMS which is used to build websites. There are so many companies in the market which provide WordPress Website Maintenance services to make sure that your website continues to perform well and be accessed on internet without any problem or issue.

The majority of the Top WordPress development companies also provides website maintenance services. These website maintenance companies take care of your business website in all areas like security, continuous updates, SEO friendliness etc so that your website give best performance and enhance your business reputation online. There are various tools which these companies use and employ that help in improving the performance of the website and also improve the security of the site and even the customer experience. Now we will discuss about the various important services which are provided by these website maintenance companies to enhance the performance of your website.

How Website Maintenance Companies can help you?

Monitoring Whether the Website is Working fine or Not

Monitoring your website for uptime is very important. This is one thing which you must have if you have a business website. You need to make sure that your website is up round the clock in order to ensure visitors and customers flow. These companies have the professionals which keep a close watch on your website and make sure that it is working fine round the clock. If your website goes down due to some reason, these experts come up with immediate solutions and resolve the problem quickly. Hence you should select the best website maintenance company which has expert and experienced professionals to avoid and resolve any problem or issue with your website.

Making the Website more SEO Friendly

This is also an important service of website maintenance entities as now high attention is given to the SEO ranking of the websites. These companies can help you with keyword tracking as well as providing SEO friendly URL’s which will make sure that the SEO ranking of your website jumps a lot and creates a success story in the market.

Security Scans of your Website

Security of your website is very important issue and you should make sure that your website is free from hacker’s attack. The website maintenance organizations help you with regular security scans which help in removing the chances of spam messages and malicious code on your website which can acts as a door for the hackers. They also provide you with multi-layered security which helps in keeping your website safe from hackers and thus increasing the popularity and the number of visitors on your website.

24*7 Technical Support

This is also one of the most important service which will help you to get immediate technical support on any kind of problem or issue with your website. These companies have a team of specialized technical support professionals which can help you with the regular maintenance of your website and resolves any issue which pops up at any point of time.

Provides Regular Updates

The CMS like WordPress, and its themes and plugins and other softwares used in the creation of the website face regular updates from their developers. These companies provide these regular updates for all of these softwares and plugins so that the audience can use the latest features and the security on the website is also beefed up. If your website is not updated regular then it can reduce the audience on your site.

Accommodate Website Editing

This is also one of the important service which these companies provide. They can help you to edit the website as per your latest needs and requirements. Most of these companies provide Website maintenance package which allow limited or unlimited edits to your website as per the plan you choose. By these services you can have the user interface and the website design of your website as per your choice which will be more attractive and reliable.


Looking at the importance of websites now a days for any successful business, taking website maintenance services is very important if you want your website to run all the time without any issue and so that your website visitors get the latest features and contents at your website and your website never face any downtime or any hacking attempt.

Top 3 free CDN Plugins to optimize website speed

You may have read a ton of articles on internet about web optimization or in simple words WordPress website optimization. There are many tips and tricks out there which can help you make your website faster in speed and performance. WordPress plugin development is on the rise because every website owner wants to increase the website performance and using plugins is a very important thing to reach the most customers in the least possible time and in the most optimized way.

The ultimate goal of every website is reaching maximum number of audience. The primary aim of every website should be to increase the user experience of the website so that the viewers can spend the maximum time on the website and leads can be generated from the website. This helps in increasing revenue from the website in the long-term.

Top 3 free CDN Plugins to optimize website speed

The user experience of the website should be so smooth and seamless that viewers can stick to your website. WordPress development company develops plugins that help rendering those features and functionalities to the website which are not default. These things make the website faster, dynamic and robust. Also, the workflow becomes more smooth.

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network which means that you need to have the services of a remote server which is the nearest server to your main server. For example: You have got Host Gator web hosting service and it is your main web hosting provider.

Sometimes, the load on your primary server gets too much because of the unexpected traffic that may exceed the bandwidth capacity of the server. To take the burden off the primary server, CDN comes in handy by taking the burden of the website users which browse the websites from across the world.

Choosing the best CDN service can get very confusing because of the many companies that provide CDN services:

  • If we start talking about the most famous and powerful services available for CDN, then we will list CloudFlare at the top of the companies providing CDN services for WordPress. It has some other features too, which are:

-Detailed information of the users who comment on your posts.

-Spammer detection on your blog post comments.

-Total Security of the website is ensured from hackers and abusers.

  • Are you looking for an absolutely free WordPress plugin that puts life into your website images? Then, Cloudinary is for you. An excellent option which allows you to upload all the images to the cloud. With the help of this plugin, you can considerably reduce the load on the server that is your web hosting service provider’s server. The benefit here is that you can optimize and backup your images with the help of this CDN plugin easily. Different filters and effects can be applied easily using this plugin.

  • The third CDN in our top 3 list is the WP CDN Rewrite which is also considered very popular among the list of CDNs for WordPress. You can provide custom URL helpful in CSS files, Javascript etc.

Top Reasons to Convert your HTML website into WordPress site?

HTML to WordPress

Earlier websites were used to build by static HTML code which now has changed as now most of the websites are developed by PSD to WordPress conversion process. Earlier in the HTML based websites the styles and scripts were coded with HTML frameworks which made the websites slower. As lots of same code was loaded for each web page hence it further was slowing down the speed of the website. In order to overcome this issue the developers came with innovative HTML to WordPress conversion technique. PSD to WordPress conversion also involves two steps i.e. first converting PSD to HTML and then converting HTML to WordPress.

If you convert HTML to WordPress site then it means you are converting a static website into dynamic website which offers so many benefits. Earlier WordPress was thought of just as a blogging platform but WordPress has evolved and proved that it can be used to create any type of website. WordPress offers many benefits when it is used for website development and here we are discussing about some of those benefits and the reasons to switch to WordPress platform.

WordPress is a PHP based Dynamic CMS

The earlier HTML websites were static having lots of pages and lots of lines of hard codes. Each of these pages on the site is one HTML file having same layout and design hence so much of the HTML code was repeated. When we talk about WordPress websites then these are easy to create, easy to update and easy to manage therefore most of the developers prefer it over the static HTML website design. WordPress was specially developed for publishing purpose with so many functions embedded in the platform which makes it fully dynamic content management system (CMS).

WordPress is easy to learn and Work

You can select a WordPress development company if you want a develop WordPress based website. WordPress is easy to learn and use as there is also extensive support of huge WordPress developer’s community 24*7. There are thousands of free plugins and themes available for WordPress which also makes it easy to use. These plugins and themes can be used to add extra features to your website easily. WordPress is based on PHP which is also easy to learn hence working with WordPress is quite easy and don’t need much technical knowledge. These were some of the reasons why the experts as well as the beginners prefer to use WordPress platform to build websites.

WordPress is SEO Friendly

WordPress has inbuilt features which makes it search engine optimization (SEO) friendly. These WordPress features offer the settings for posts, pages and categories in order to let crawlers easily crawl your website and give the required information. This helps search engines to include WordPress sites into their database. WordPress also offers many security features and also helps users to optimize their website as per SEO guidelines. WordPress ultimately helps you to get higher ranking for your website on search engines which is the main aim of creating any business website. You can also install more plugins for more search engine optimization (SEO) features.

Huge Community of Developers

WordPress is open source and has a huge community of developers which also help each others to resolve any issue anyone is facing while using WordPress. Continuous support from the developer community makes WordPress first choice for new users as it is east to learn and work on WordPress. The WordPress CMS developers from around the world also keep on contributing in upgrading WordPress to make it the best CMS.

WordPress is easy to Customize

WordPress is highly customizable. The WordPress developer who knows PHP can easily customize it as per the business requirements. Also the WordPress themes and plugins can be customized as per the requirements.


We have just discussed the top reasons why it is better to convert HTML websites into WordPress websites. Although there are some automated tools also available for HTML to WordPress conversion but the manual process to convert HTML into WordPress is the best process. In today’s competitive environment if you get a dynamic WordPress website then you can better compete in the market and grow your business.

Need to hire Expert WordPress Developers

WordPress Developer

There are millions of WordPress websites and majority of the users don’t know much about the HTML, CSS and PHP part. Many people develop e-Commerce site, blog using WordPress, the open source framework for building high quality websites. The popularity of WordPress for developing websites is increasing day by day. As most of the companies don’t have expert knowledge of WordPress technicalities hence there is always a need hire some expert WordPress developer who has in-depth knowledge of WordPress.

Even if you have a WordPress site ready with you then also you may be looking for WordPress programmer for hire as from time to time you may need to add some feature or update the site as per your latest requirements. Market of WordPress development is growing at fast pace. Research says right now 27% of the websites on internet have been built using WordPress. If you want to develop a WordPress website for your business then you can also hire a WordPress development company which has a dedicated and professional team of developers and experts which can develop a user friendly and feature rich website for you.

WordPress Developers

As more and more people are taking their business online hence there will always be a need for WordPress experts. You have to choose a right and perfect team of WordPress developers to develop website for your business.

Here we are giving some steps which can help you in hiring WordPress developers to do your work:-

  • Identify what kind of website you need

Using WordPress you can make many kinds of sites like Blogs, Websites, Social communities, E-Commerce etc. Hence according to your requirement you have to look for some WordPress development company or WordPress develop who can fulfill all of your requirements.

  • Hire Experienced WordPress Developer

Always Check that you should hire experienced WordPress Developer. If it is a WordPress development company then you can check from their website what kind of experience they have and what are their skill set. Ask the company how much years of experience they have in WordPress development.

  • Check their Portfolio and online reputation

Before hiring a WordPress developer or a company you should check their portfolios and see what kind of work they have done and what kind of WordPress websites they have delivered. If their work says yes they are good and they can fulfill your requirements then you can hire them for your WordPress development work. Check their online reputation also. Check whether they have contributed to the WordPress open source community and whether they have a presence on GitHub etc.

  • Check how effective are their communication channels

This is a great factor in deciding WordPress Programmers for hire which best suits you. Since the day you had contacted them how good, fast and effective is their communication with you? Whether they have given all the details about their company and how quickly they will proceed for further development work? When you get all of these answers then you can choose the right WordPress developers for your work.

You goal is to select an expert WordPress Development company or developers which can best fit for your requirements. With the above factors in mind you can easily choose a great company or developer. You should also check the feedbacks and can also contact their previous clients to know about their work and skills. As you don’t have technical expertise to develop your own website for your business yourself hence you have to hire expert WordPress developer to complete this job and now you know how to select the best WordPress development team for your work.

Conceptualizing the impact of Woocommerce to the WordPress sites

Wordprax l WordPress Developer

Since almost all the companies are rushing into eCommerce the trend of business have drastically changed. To upgrade their market and increase the audiences, the products and services are now being promoted online. This has helped many business to generate great revenue through global customers. If you need to compete the rivals in the market you need to give a boost to your eCommerce website through WooCommerce development.

Understanding the concept of WooCommerce

It is a powerful open-source WordPress plugins that is mainly used to assemble feature-rich websites. The advent of WordPress WooCommerce development services have helped the companies in attracting more viewers to their WordPress websites in turn increasing the sales. If you wish to make your website feature-rich, more speedy, strong, more built-in features, extensions, add-ons, more controls and flexibility. It really is helping the new start ups and small companies in progressing and attracting more customers. It is due to WooCommerce that you can now customize extensions to enhance your eCommerce functionality.

There are many reasons as to why WordPress developers are preferring WooCommerce

  • It is an open source platform that is completely free to download. Although it is free, it still provides with extensive features that are out of the box. They are extremely flexible by nature and extra ordinary extensions.
  • It gives the biggest advantage to the new eCommerce business. Such companies using the platform can employ a lot of flexibility with the products and services without having to go to the technical side of it.
  • The eCommerce startups that have no idea about the application of analytical tools can now relax. The WooCommerce cover up for all such merchants as they have a built-in analytical system. They can figure out their total sales, sales by date, individual customer statistics and many other aspects too in a proper formulated graphs.
  • WooCommerce comes with a lot of space for customization options. You can choose from the enabled themes and once chosen, you can change the pre-set CSS styles and color themes by modifying the code and experimenting with the features of the program.
  • It is very simple and easy to set up an eCommerce site as its a WordPress plugin. You can seek the help of WordPress developers having the required expertise and skills.

It is important to hire the right WordPress developer for your business. There are many outsourcing companies and also individual developers that you can find online. It is important to hire the developers that have extensive knowledge about content creation, customization and web management. The developer must have relevant experience about the programming language for WordPress. He must be aware about the companies that can create a customized WordPress website depending on your requirements. You can modify the content and get the on-page optimization done with the help of developers. Also, the in-depth knowledge of the WooCommerce must be there for better results.

WooCommerce service is a boon for start ups and established eCommerce companies, and this will magnify your sales and audience more than you imagined.